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Reduce Your

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As Thailand's the first process oriented industrial energy efficiency Start-Up company,

we reduce energy cost and increase your energy efficiency.


About Us

About Us


is an Energy Efficiency Company that provides overall energy efficiency services and productivity enhancing solutions in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, power plants and homes.

We aim to reduce energy cost without reduction production quality and comfort at the facilities.

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Efficient Energy,


and Innovation

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Energy efficiency in the industrial sector for a livable environment in Thailand

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Sustainable Factories, Power Plants, Buildings and Homes

We seek to create a sustainable and energy efficient facilities in Thailand.

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Reduce Energy Cost

Without compromising product quality in industrial facilities, and keep up comfort in buildings, achieve energy efficiency.

Our Achievements

We provide an over all energy efficiency solutions for industrial sector and system with multiple energy sources.

We use many different analysis method to help enterprises save on energy cost for per unit product or per operation hour the system, reduce their carbon foot print and achieve desired sustainability goals.

Our experiences are the key success of .


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Specialized Engineering Team

Eco Friendly

Energy Effıciency Project Practices


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Energy Saving



Carbon Reduction

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Energy Audits

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Conservation Renewable Energy

Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Technologies

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Energy Analyzing, Monitoring and Managing

Our Services

Approaching energy production to consumption with a

maximum efficiency perspective, we provide the most suitable energy efficiency solutions for facilities and processes.

will be your best solution partner for your business with its international business partners providing services in energy efficiency and energy engineering.

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Efficiency Consultancy

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Our Blog

Stay Updated on Energy Efficiency Across All Sectors

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Industrial Energy Efficiency

Industrial energy efficiency is not just about reducing costs; it's about optimizing processes, minimizing waste, and enhancing sustainability in manufacturing operations.

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Enhancing energy efficiency in commercial buildings is essential not only for cost savings but also for reducing environmental impact and creating healthier, more comfortable indoor environments.

Energy Efficiency For Home

Embracing energy efficiency for homes isn't just about cutting utility bills; it's about creating comfortable, sustainable living spaces while reducing our carbon footprint for a greener future.

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Read More

Read More

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Efficiency Academy

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We transfer our knowledge and experience on energy and energy efficiency to businesses with the training programs it organizes.

We provide trainings covering theoretical knowledge and application examples in the field of energy efficiency in many industrial enterprises.


To educate and empower individuals and businesses to achieve optimal energy usage and sustainability goals.


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Professionals, students, and enthusiasts interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in energy efficiency and sustainability.

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